Validated Job Analysis

* Identifies the Essential functions of the job
* Identifies ergonomic risk factors and opportunities for job reengineering

Post Offer Employment Testing

* Provides a capable-not capable result Includes comprehensive evaluation to identify pre-existing conditions
* Appropriately matches employees’ ability to the essential functions of the job
* Establishes a baseline of function for each employee

Acute Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy

* One on one care
* Individualized assessments and treatments
* Sports based therapy driven by the essential functions of the job
* Certified Hand Therapist available

Work Conditioning

* Sports based model to include total body conditioning
* Objective baseline pre and post testing
* Functional training of job specific movements and tasks

FCE (Functional Capacity Evaluation)

* Objective testing
* Sincerity of effort
* Legally defensible

Fit for Duty Testing

* Provides a capable-not capable result
* Appropriately matches employees’ ability to the essential functions of the job

On-Site Services

* PT, OT, ergonomic assessments, and Work conditioning available at the worksite

Wellness/Injury Prevention Program:

* An opportunity to mitigate the risk of aches and pains escalating to the level of a recordable Spain/Strain
* Ergonomic/Work Site assessments to address an identified pain or discomfort minimizing the risk of further aggravation
* Lifting and body mechanics training in small groups
* One-on-one follow up lifting for those that have difficulty developing better body mechanics
* Working with Safety professionals on job hazard analysis reports
* Proactively addressing injury prevention
* Identifying best practices job rotation programs to minimize job stressors and allow for stress recovery
* Providing OSHA compliant first aid and education to your employees to implement a cost effective solution for you to avoid a recordable injury by providing services

Wellness Benefits include: 

* Increases employee productivity
* Decreased claims cost
* Increased number of claims closed
* Decreased OSHA recordable injuries

Companies Save Money

Companies can conservatively save $3 to $6 for every dollar spent on a comprehensive, well-run wellness program. Tri-State Nursing Occupational Health & Therapy Services can save you money.