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Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy with
Highly Trained Physical and Occupational/Hand Therapists


Injury Recovery, Repetitive-Stress-Injury Preventative Programs,  Post offer employment tests,  job analyses, ergonomic assessments, work conditioning / work hardening, functional capacity evaluations and onsite services.
Physical Therapy Sioux Falls, SD  Physical Therapy Sioux City, IA

Focused On Your Healing Process

Common Disorders that Benefit From Physical Therapy

Back Pain | Neck Pain | Joint Replacement | Vertigo | Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid | Meniscus Tear | Tendon or Ligament Issues | Plantar Fasciitis

Here at Tri State Nursing Occupational Health and Therapy Services
we are dedicated to helping patients recovery quickly and get back to their daily lives.

With Highly Trained Physical, Occupational, and Hand Therapists,

We are here to serve you and the community. 

"Anyone who might be having some pain to being proactive from the rehab side and employers who have someone experiencing pain."

Is Occupational Health and Therapy Services for you?

We are a great resource for the Sioux City area for doctor’s, healthcare professionals, employers and patients who really need Therapy Services

* Experts in Workers' Compensation
* Work Related Injuries
* Treating Sprains, Strains and all Musculoskeletal Issues
* Sports Related Injury
* Individualized attention

Workplace Wellness

Wellness Benefits include:
* Increases employee productivity
* Decreased claims cost
* Increased number of claims closed
* Decreased OSHA recordable injuries